Demo's & Clinic's

'Great communication with audience - fab mixture of entertainment and education!'

- J.S. The Royal Show, Stoneleigh Park

Grant gives fun and educational shows and demonstrations, working with real life problem horses in a live environment, presented in a professional, fun and informative manner.

Whether it be a small livery yard or a large country show, Grant can compile a demonstration package to meet your requirements.

The change in the horse's behaviour in-front of an audience due to calm, effective handling and training has to be seen to be believed!

Previously Grant's 'Practical Horsemanship' demonstration locations have included:

*The Royal Agricultural Show, Stoneleigh

* Royal Cornwall Show.* Frampton Country Fair. * Cotswold Show

* Spirit of the Countryside Show, Lulworth. * Blenheim Tattoo

* Cheshire County show. * Lowther show * Midlands Game Fair

* and many more

Previous comments from shows:

'For the sake of our horses - keep up your excellent work. We need people like you!'

'Amazing to watch a horse change throughout the short time you have. I was able to take the information and head home to practice - brilliant!'

'Great to see the calm and gentle backing of a young horse, well done!'

'Super in every way!'

'Helpful and inspiring'

'Today was exceptional handling, cool, calm and relaxing - How I would like to be with my pony'

'I would like to connect as well as you do with my pony. It was confident and wonderful!'

'This method educates people in a different way and is very beneficial to owners with problem horses'

Grant has given demonstrations as Practical Horsemanship and/or with Monty Roberts in the following countries:

* UK * Finland * Denmark * Spain * Sweden * Norway * Germany * Switzerland * Italy * The Netherlands * Belgium * France * Australia * Zimbabwe * Namibia* South Africa

Grant is available for demonstrations and clinics throughout the year all over the UK and World. If you are interested in a demonstration or clinic please contact Grant via the Contact Us page.