About Grant

Grant was born in Epping, Essex, but was raised in the Northamptonshire countryside. He started riding from a very early age, competing at all the county and major shows – representing England at Pony Club level at the age of 14. His family over the years have all been involved in the horse business, his father and sister running a successful wedding carriage company, and his brother Darren is a three times world champion farrier.

Upon leaving school, Grant harboured ambitions to be a National Hunt jockey and rode successfully for leading trainers Kim Bailey and Geoff Hubbard at all the major racecourses.

When weight problems forced Grant out of the racing saddle, he left the UK and took up a career in the rodeo arena as a bull rider where he rode with much success competing at many international events in the USA, Australia and New Zealand his final ride being at the Westpac arena in New Zealand in front of 14000 people. During this time he also began to hone his skills with horses by working on a leading thoroughbred stud from time to time in Australia, starting all the young horses.

Upon returning to the UK he began to work with Ian Vandenberghe (a Monty Roberts Instructor). Grant writes, ‘I had been using body language and pressure/release in my training but it was only when I began working with Ian that I leant the reasons behind why it worked and the psychology with it’. During his period of working with Ian Grant found it was like going back to school – everyday he learnt so much and he continues to learn from the horses each day.

In 2001 Grant began to ride for Monty Roberts on his European Tours. He remembers, ‘It was a great honour to ride for Mr Roberts and I relish the opportunities he has provided for me, both in the UK and abroad. Every demonstration was an opportunity to learn and I grabbed it with open hands’.

IN 2007 Grant began touring and demonstrating his work with horses on his own tours, demonstrating in many countries from as far afield as Sweden to Zimbabwe, Germany to Singapore and continues to do so.

IN 2014 Grant won (with his business partner Dan Wilson) the first ever British Championship of Horsemanship

Grant’s home is now an established yard near Banbury, Oxfordshire where he takes in young and problem horses to be trained using the non-violent concepts he has learnt and continues to study and promote. He has truly made horses his life and the love of his work shines through in every demonstration he gives and horse that he works with.